Doll History

A Brief History Of Love Dolls

Contrary to what many would think, love dolls have been around as far back as 1649. French philosopher Rene Descartes boarded a ship bound for Stockholm with a young woman he called as his daughter. Sailors never saw the young woman again throughout the trip which prompted them to investigate.

Thus, finding a life-sized doll created from leather and metal in Descartes’ cabin. The doll was so lifelike and resembled a real girl terrified the sailors and they threw the doll overboard. Descartes is known to experiment with various automation. He indeed had a daughter but she had died before the journey at 5 years of age.

Inflatable Doll Prototypes

The phenomenon of love dolls surfaced again in the 17th century. This was where sailors started taking with prototype inflatable dolls with them. These dolls looked like human females and they were made of fabric that was attached to bamboo poles. They wore dresses and were available for anyone on board to use them.

In the 18th century, these dolls were made from leather that is stretched on rattan. The Japanese empire got hold of them through trading and later on, they became known as the “Dutch Wives”. In 1904 there was a French catalog boasting of dolls that have no fear of blackmail, argument, disease, and jealousy. These dolls were said to be always obedient and always available.

The dolls were made out of rubber and other materials that were plastic. Austrian-Czech painter Oskar Kokoschka was even rumored to have commissioned a doll with sophisticated features in 1915. It was said that he would take the doll to the opera and even for carriage rides.

The Modern Adult Dolls

Hans Bellmer is a German artist who was known to be the forefather of adult dolls. He is known to have produced life-sized prepubescent female dolls in the 1930s. One thing to note is that Bellmer’s dolls were different from the function of adult dolls since they do not have the complete parts for adult activities.

The “complete” adult dolls came to surface at the end of World War II, thanks to the invention of the inflatable adult doll. As the inflatable dolls were deemed as low quality and unreliable, adult dolls continued to be developed.

This was where latex and silicon materials came to be. It helped improved the case of modern adult dolls as they became more durable. Now you can find plenty of varieties of adult dolls that come in all shapes in sizes. In the future, the community might even be looking at the rise of AI adult dolls.