Anal Beads

The Secret To Satisfaction When Using Anal Beads

Anal beads are the sex toys that are usually made up of multiple spheres or balls, or “beads”. The insertion and removal of these beads into and out of the anus and rectum provide pleasure to the user. And if in case you are asking, there is no such thing as anal beads for men, women, gay, or anything like that – especially when we consider the fact that all humans have exactly the same physiology when it comes to the anus.

What Anal Beads Can Do to You

What do they look like? Although there are hundreds of different variations of this sex toy, they almost always have some particular characteristics, such as the distinct beads made of various materials, the beads are connected, via string or molded as a single, flexible unit, and having a distinct ring or a “stopper” at the end. The stopper, in particular, is crucial when using this sex toy, for two main reasons. The first is to make it easier to pull the beads out when you are done, and the second is to make sure the beads do not slip into your anal cavity completely.

Each individual bead on a set does not have to be the same size. In fact, the way the beads change in size can greatly affect the pleasure you receive. Most anal beads increase in size to ease the beads into you. But those that decrease in size can lead to more pleasure when removing them. Always keep this in mind when selecting one for yourself.

While this may come as a surprise to many, these sex toys themselves are not exactly known for providing a constant stream of pleasure. In reality, they would just primarily take their effect when being inserted and removed across two ringed sphincter muscles in your anal cavity. This creates a series of pleasurable sensations as each bead passes these muscles. The fact that these are distinct objects that can be cleaned keeps things much more sanitary in the bedroom. That simply means it is a lot better than using your finger or a penis.

These special beads are a great way to supplement, if not completely take over, your bedroom activities, guaranteed to give you new and exciting sensations. The sooner you begin using it, the sooner you can permanently take advantage of this underrated but very special form of sexual pleasure.