Lubricant For Sex

Do You Need Lubricant When Using A Sex Doll?

Sex dolls are one of the best sex toys we have today. They are realistic and can quickly get a guy into orgasm. The use of sex dolls is similar to the experience of having sex. Only that the dolls, of course, are not doing some action or movements that would contribute to sexual pleasure.

How sex dolls are designed

When you order a sex doll, it will come in different models and appearance. The only thing that is the same as all sex dolls is that there are three different ways to enjoy them. Meaning, you can stick in your pewee inside the mouth, anus, and of course, the vagina. The sensation is the same as having oral sex, anal sex, and vaginal sex. All sex dolls are designed for these things, so you can enjoy every portion of it.

Do you need a lubricant to when using the sex doll?

When using the sex doll (especially the brand new ones or the ones that were newly washed with water and soap), penetration can be painful and difficult. Your penis may not glide in smoothly; that is why you need a lubricant to smoothen the penetration. It can help smoothen the surface inside the vagina, so the sensation would be very nice and would make you reach orgasm in no time.

What lubricant should you use for sex dolls?

There are lots of lubricants out there, but the best one that you can use should match the silicon material of the sex doll. There are lubricants like those that have oil substance that can match perfectly to human skin, but it leaves grease in the sex doll.

Without the lubricant, your skin might be bruised due to the friction it has with the silicone or TPE of the doll. The doll’s vaginal part is made of silicone material, so it can cause too much fiction that can bruise your skin (especially if it is newly washed with water and soap).

Lubricant makes sex very pleasurable

When you are using lubricants, it can provide a pleasurable sensation due to smooth penetration in the vagina, mouth, or anus area. It can also aid in your intense sexual action that is leading to orgasm. It would require faster motion as your pewee gets in and out of the doll’s vagina to achieve total pleasure and orgasm. Remember to find the best lubricant. Water-based lubricant or most recommended than other lubricants.